Wiyrkomi Corporation

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Wiyrkomi Corporation.png
Name Wiyrkomi Corporation
Ticker WC
CEO Kuruta Irio
Tax Rate 0.0%
Extent Global
Headquarter Dantumi
Caldari State.png
Caldari State
Sukuuvestaa Corporation.png
Sukuuvestaa Corporation
Size Large
Shares 1000

Wiyrkomi is one of the two Caldari mega corporations where the largest shareholders is a family. Wiyrkomi is still owned by the founding Seituoda family, a name that has always been associated with honor and trustworthiness in Caldari business.

Known and respected throughout the cluster, the Seituoda name has been the driving force behind the Wiyrkomi corporation ever since its inception in the years prior to the Gallente-Caldari War. With a reputation built upon the unimpeachable word of its founder, Tyunaul Seituoda, Wiyrkomi continues to enjoy unique relationships with many of New Eden’s most influential corporations. Given the reputation of most megacorporations, Wiyrkomi is regarded by those inside and outside the State as a curious anomaly, though one that is not to be underestimated.

Stoically patriotic, the Seituoda family’s love of the Caldari State and its stubborn insistence on the promotion of Caldari ideals above all else has been criticized for limiting the company’s ability to expand its market share beyond the manufacturing and industrial sectors. The company has traditionally enjoyed significant success in these two sectors, namely through its multiple energized plating and containment field product lines. The media frenzy surrounding an alleged incestuous relationship spanning at least two generations of the family led to the Seituoda’s increasing reclusiveness, and the family jealously protects its privacy. Only Duisla Seituoda, great-grandson of Tyunaul Seituoda, is ever seen in public, leading many of the family’s most bitter detractors to label the secular heirs as irrelevant and out of touch.

Other theories about the corporation have even speculated that the Seituoda family is nothing more than an ingenious marketing ploy, devised and orchestrated to maintain the image of honesty and transparency that are the hallmarks of the Seituoda legacy. or that the family no longer exists, if it ever did. Despite the hearsay, the Seituoda brand remains largely untarnished, and the company has publicly stated its intent to reach out to high-end consumers outside of the established capsuleer demographic.

Though largely uninterested in Sleeper technology, Wiyrkomi has in recent years invested significant sums in developing small arms technology, with an apparent eye towards refactoring some of its most popular engine designs for atmospheric flight. Civilian versions of this technology are already being made available to interested parties in limited quantities.

Wiyrkomi Peace Corps is the police and security arm of the Wiyrkomi mega corporation.

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