Post-Human Era of the Gallente Federation

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Gallente Federation (transparent).png
22463 AD - 23121 AD Nascent Era
23121 AD - 23168 AD Luminate Era
23156 AD - YC105 Modern Era
YC105 - Present Post-Human Era

The Post-Human Era of the Gallente Federation (or the New Federate Era) encompasses the time from the rise of the capsuleer in YC105 to the present. For the first several years, the Federation would undergo an economic boom and golden age thanks to the new interstellar capsuleer economy. However, deteriorating relations and the opening of hostilities with the Caldari State in YC110 would lead to the uncertainty and paranoia characteristic of wartime.

This era is named after the fact that the post-humanism ideology associated with the capsuleer has proven extremely compatible with many Gallente philosophies and moralities, moreso than in other empires.

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