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File:Placid Reborn Logo.png
Name Placid Reborn
Ticker [PLACD]
Alliance None
CEO Pytria Le'Danness
Founded August 8th, 2005
Status Inactive - Roleplaying Corp
Headquarters Undisclosed
Public Channel PlacidReborn
Website Our corp website
Alliances Placid Coalition
The Cyrene Initiative
Coalition of Empires
Tenth Legion
Former CEOs Jalia Kovac
Kakita J (Co-CEO)

Corp goals and history

Placid Reborn is dedicated to the self-determination and prosperity of the Intaki home system and its immediate surroundings. Its current state is a shame for the Gallente Federation, who has abandoned it to an existence surrounded by piracy and drug peddlers.

It is our primary goal to achieve an improvement of the CONCORD security rating of Intaki, leading to a persistent CONCORD presence, through peaceful campaigning. However, we have been following this path for over three years, and despite noteworthy efforts from our side (selected Scope articles linked below), the Federation has not moved a single finger. Our patience is waning. In the meantime, we will continue to work against various present threats to the security of the region with the resources we can muster.

On the outbreak of war against the Caldari State, Placid Reborn enlisted in the Federal Defense Union. Though we have worked cooperatively with some Caldari loyalist corporations in the past and been sympathetic torward them over the wrongs the Federation has done them in the past, we hold that the leadership of Tibus Heth, a dispicable biggot, presents a clear and present danger to Gallente, Intaki and all Federation citizens alike. In March of YC 111 we withdrew from the FDU for the time being citing the need to recover our assets and fighting strength as well as frustrations with the lackluster support the Fed offers to the militia forces. Presently we are undertaking fact-finding missions in wormhole exploration and have rejoined the reformed Coalition of Empires alliance who are local to the region.

Over it's history, Placid Reborn pilots have entertained different viewpoints about the benefits of maintaining positive relations with the Gallente Federation; some believe in the idea that the Placid region should seceede from the Federation, some think it should be an absolute last resort, some think that for all its problems, the Federation can still serve Placid better than any other entity is likely to. Where we draw the line is using terrorisim and piracy against law-abiding citizens of the Federation as a means to "promote" Intaki wellfare and have in the past gone to war with extremist organizations who have done just that.

Current Status

In the aftermath of the Caldari takeover of Intaki V, staff at our three planetside offices were stranded indefinitely on the surface and subject to the communications blackout in all occupied systems. Our other employees in the region have been pulled out of the contested zone; those that chose to remain employed with us have been contracted out to various aid and relief organizations in the area around Placid. CEO Pytria Le'Dannes is currently grounded indefinitely from spaceflight due to private complications.

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