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Welcome to the Backstage Lore Wiki!

We have imported CCP's DB Dump of Player Created Articles from the now-defunct EVElopedia, as well as several hundred pages of CCP-created Official Lore pages (after thoroughly reviewing CCP's copyright guidelines for fansites). A notice if you produced content on EVElopedia: you will need to re-upload your images as these were not a part of the data dump from CCP.

To start exploring Backstage Wiki, see the Getting Started section below!

Getting Started

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Backstage Lore Wiki News

2018-01-31: If you'd like the full set of all Eve news articles(either to help consolidate them here, or for your own use), check user:Aradina for contact info to get it.
2018-01-26: Updated main page to be a bit simpler to understand for newcomers. Also removed featured article because we don't update it often enough.

Important Articles

Backstage Lore Wiki Stats

  • 16,651 pages created
  • 130,974 edits.

Important Information

If you attempt to access a page and receive the following message:


This means that the page data is present in the Database, but an admin or keeper needs to Delete and then Restore the page in order for it to display correctly. Pass this about, make sure any potentially effected nerds get the message.

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