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Important Announcement

We have imported CCP's DB Dump of Player Created Articles from Evelopedia, as well as several hundred pages of CCP-created Official Lore pages (after thoroughly reviewing CCP's copyright guidelines for fansites). Here is what we need from you folks: If you have content there, you will need to re-upload your images as these were not a part of the data dump from CCP. If you do not have the images anymore, that's okay - we do! If the page(s) you created have links pointing to Official CCP pages on Evelopedia, they will point to those same pages on Backstage Lore Wiki. I have imported quite a bit of CCP's Official lore pages after Silver and I reviewed CCP hf's copyright guidelines - ​*but I have no way of knowing if I missed some important thing*​. So I need you folks to check your own content on BSLW, make sure your links aren't broken, and if they are, then send us a PM on the Backstage OOC, or Tweetfleet Slack, or even an ingame mail, and ​let us know​. We will attempt to restore any such pages that were imported but improperly displaying.

If you attempt to access a page and receive the following message:


This means that the page data is present in the Database, but an Admin needs to Delete and then Restore the page in order for it to display correctly. Pass this about, make sure any potentially effected nerds get the message. To find out who the Admins are, please see the Backstage Community Portal linked below!

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Featured Article


"These are not the hands of a killer."

And they weren’t. Manicured to mechanical perfection, the nails polished immaculately, cut short at exactly two millimeters past the tip of the finger. Fingers that were slender, as far as male fingers can be. The wrinkles at the joints stood out, the only ones of their kind to be found on these hands. The skin itself was pale but smooth, like silk. Golden lines occasionally sparked underneath it like archaically patterned circuitry, as if to accentuate his choice of words. As he toyed absent-mindedly with the object he was holding, glimpses of his palms revealed that they too were soft, betraying a life free of the coarser obligations. He spoke again.

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Backstage Lore Wiki News

As promised!!!

We may not have been as fast as everyone else, but we're here!

The Backstage Lore Wiki is intended to serve as a safe and easily accessible repository for not only CCP hf's Eve Online PF, but also (and especially) all of the Player Created Content that has accumulated over the years.

You may find more information here.

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