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The following article is third-person, in-character information, provided for those players who are interested in learning more about this character. As it is written as analysis using gathered data, the file can be considered public.
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Name Kyoko Sakoda
Gender Female
Race Caldari
Bloodline Deteis with Achuran trace
Licensed 20 December, 106YC
Corporation Pyre Falcon Defence Combine PMC
Occupation Privateer and pirate
Specialization Combat Electronics

Kyoko Sakoda is a veteran PC pilot, pirate, mercenary, and employee of Pyre Falcon Defence Combine, a private military contractor. For the majority of her career she has been associated in one way or another with the Guristas. She is married to the notorious Guristas officer Ethan Verone.


Born Kyoko Raina Sakoda on the 19th of May, YC83, Kyoko was raised inside the jurisdiction and influence of Ishukone Corporation on New Caldari Prime. Her mother Yukiko Izu-Sejua was an influential and affluent mixed-ethnicity biochemist from Saisio III (Achura) who had re-located to New Caldari Prime under the rare circumstance in Caldari society of changing major employers. Her father Takeshi Sakoda was the fighter group captain aboard the CNS Muriyuke, a Caldari Navy carrier.

Kyoko always had a knack for electronic engineering. In her teenage years she entered amateur Splinters tournaments and took a deep interest in the technical underpinnings of combat electronics, a general term used to encompass ewar mechanisms with uses ranging from cyberwarfare to ECM field generation.

Throughout her career with Ishukone subsidiaries she grew unruly and even outright hostile towards Ishukone over a series of personal tragedies and political incidents. It was not long after she became a PC pilot that she left to explore her options as a privateer and pirate.

Veto Corporation

After a successful but brief business agreement with the Angel Cartel, Kyoko decided the Guristas had more to offer and took many friends with her to Veto Corporation in July 110YC. Her occupational shuffle quickly earned her the callsign "Angel." She is now married to long time friend and CEO of Veto Corporation Ethan Verone.

Philosophy and Personality

Kyoko has before regularly spoken out against injustices in State society as supposedly perpetrated by leaders of most (if not all) of the megacorporations. She believes that the board members of the Chief Executive Panel have not set themselves to a standard to be expected of Caldari leaders. By increasing concern over profit margins and decreasing concern over developing the bottom line (that is, the Caldari proletariat), she argues the State has hurt itself both economically and culturally. She believes more corporate funds should be reinvested in the lower classes of Caldari society and in non-vocational education. However, far from being a Gallentean social democrat, she believes corporations have an obligation to do this themselves, directing resources for their employees in the most optimal way for their particular fiscal circumstances.

Kyoko is an outgoing character but her public demeanor often betrays a streak of cynicism. It is clear that she values liberal (non-technical) education such as in history, political science, and music. Acutely aware of issues in ethics, she enjoys discussing these issues the least yet possesses a great sense of responsibility, particularly for a capsuleer.

Even though Kyoko drinks copious amounts of alcohol and has experimented before with amber cytoserol dihydrate (Blue Pill), she is charismatic and often makes an impression for better or worse upon meeting someone new. Having been raised along a subpolar coastal landscape, her favorite activities are often water sport such as surfing and diving, and she generally seems to be an adventurous person. She also plays a single-reed woodwind instrument common in Caldari culture called a rakkuio. She is a frequent gambler, her bets often being placed on Splinters matches.

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