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Ishukone Corporation is one of the smallest of the "Big Eight" megacorporations in the Caldari State, and belongs to the State's Liberals power bloc. Ishukone produces several popular and powerful ship designs, including the Raven-class battleship, the Harpy assault frigate and the Vulture command ship. Ishukone Watch is their police and security arm.


Ishukone has a long and storied history. For a long time it was the feeblest of the Caldari mega corporations, but contact with the Jove changed that. Ishukone was the first company to establish trade links with the Jove and received the capsule technology from them, which made Ishukone billions of ISK in revenue before other companies could catch up. Ishukone is still reaping the rewards of their good relations with the Jove and it possesses the most advanced technology outside Jove space.

A special point of pride for the company is their contribution of the hydrostatic capsule technology to the war effort during the Gallente-Caldari War. Ishukone’s primary business model deals with the development of high-end technologies in fields such as advanced spacecraft engineering, electronics, medicine, and biotechnology. These lucrative patents have kept Ishukone stable in the world of Caldari economics ever since the Gallente-Caldari War, though the income from them has never quite been enough to allow the corporation to rest easy. Its fortunes have fluctuated over the years as it constantly searches for the next big "pipeline product" to keep it going. The most recent of these was to be Insorum, the antidote to the slavery drug Vitoc.


The megacorporation is the leader of the liberal bloc in Caldari politics, a position it has held since Otro Gariushi seized control of the company during a period of complacency and decline in YC 100. Under his leadership, the company advocated free market policies, relaxed trade barriers, and an easing of tensions between the State and the Gallente Federation. Gariushi also gave the company its reputation for being relatively employee friendly and for its ruthless competitive practices with rival companies. Despite the death of Gariushi in the Malkalen disaster, his policies still cast a long shadow over the corporation and the current leadership appears to be following in his footsteps.

As a result, Ishukone remains a reluctant partner in the Caldari Providence Directorate. With little choice but to go along with the Directorate after Gariushi's death, the corporate leadership remains of two minds about the situation. On the one hand, many board members support the meritocratic reforms instituted by the Directorate, which were similar to policies already in place under Gariushi. However, considerable resistance to the centralization of power and the Directorate's belligerence remains among the corporate leadership.

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