ISHAEKA Tactical Response HQ

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Complex Details
ISHAEKA Tactical Response HQ
Signature Strength  ?
Type Unknown
DED rating Unrated
Security Lowsec
Known Regions Genesis
Pirate type Concord, Amarr Navy

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The Taskforce ISHAEKA Tactical HQ is a lesser known unrated combat site that spawns only in the Monalaz constellation. The enemies found inside are a mix of both Concord and Amarr Navy ships, so it is advised that you are omni tanked and have EM/Thermal based weapons. The site is barely completable in a T2 fit Dominix with an MJD (no faction or deadspace mods) and Curator IIs.

Warp in message:

"Warning! You are entering a secure DED facility. Capsuleer access is strictly forbidden. Any further attempt to trespass in this area will be met by lethal force. This is your only warning"

Pocket 1

The first room is not located in a deadspace pocket. The acceleration gate leading to the Jusitciar Haven is unlocked when all enemies are destroyed.

10 Batteries

6x Amarr Cruise Missile Batteries (60km range)
2x Amarr Heavy Missile Batteries
2x Amarr Stasis Towers (50km range)

10 Frigates/Destroyers:

1x Divine Imperial Sprite
2x Divine Imperial Forian
2x Divine Imperial Paladin
2x Divine Imperial Valok
3x Divine Imperial Sixtus

5 Cruisers/Battlecruisers:

2x Imperial Mathura
3x Imperial Muzakir

5 Battleships:

5x DED Army Colonel

Pocket 2

"Brothers, arise! We must purge the interlopers! All battleships to arms! You are a fool to have come here, capsuleer.'"

The acceleration gate to the ISHAEKA Fleet Staging Area is unlocked when all enemies are destroyed. The accelleration gate leading to the Justiciar Archives will be unlocked upon completion of the ISHAEKA Fleet Staging Area.

7 Frigates/Destroyers:

2x Divine Imperial Imran
2x Divine Imperial Sixtus
3x DED Soldier 3rd Class

5 Cruisers/Battlecruisers:

5x DED Captain

16 Battleships:

1x Imperial Ultara
3x Imperial Martyr
4x DED Army Colonel
8x Imperial Templar Torah

Pocket 3

"We are under heavy attack! Capsuleers are breaching our staging area! All local files are to be transferred immediately from the archives to a secure location offsite. Initiate burn protocols for all hard data. DED forces will delay the capsuleer incursion at the staging area until we can secure all intelligence. Give 'em hell!"

The acceleration gate leading back to the Justiciar Haven is unlocked when all enemies are defeated.

8 Frigates:

8x DED soldier 1st Class

12 Cruisers:

4x DED Officer 2nd Class
8x DED Officer 1st Class

11 Battleships:

3x DED Army General
8x DED Army Colonel

Pocket 4

"The information you have come for is gone. All that awaits you now is the cleansing light of Amarrian laser fire! All pilots engage!"

8 Frigates/Destroyers:

2x Divine Imperial Sixtus (Warp Disruption)
6x Divine Imperial Imran (Tracking Disruption)

6 Cruisers/Battlecruisers:

1x Divine Imperial Avenger
1x Divine Imperial Champion
1x Divine Imperial Justicar
3x Divine Imperial Equalizer

13 Battleships/Frigates:

1x ISHAEKA Monalaz Commander (Wreck may contain Imperial Navy Modules and Meta 4 Loot)
1x Imperial Templar Dominator
1x Imperial Templar Diviner (HEAVYEnergy Neutralizer-40km)
1x Imperial Templar Judgement
2x Imperial Templar Torah
3x Imperial Templar Ultara
4x Imperial Maryr

The ISHAEKA Monalaz Commander drops Imperial Navy modules and 3% implants. The drops from one run were Imperial Navy Explosive Plating, Imperial Navy Heavy Nosferatu, and 'Noble' Mechanic MC-803. It is rumored that the Commander also drops 5% implants, but this needs confirmation. Confirmed, Drops Imperial Navy Loot. Dropped: Imperial Navy Mega Beam Laser x1 Imperial Navy Mega Pulse Laser x1 Zainou 'Gnome' Shield Upgrades SU-605 x1 - 19/10/14 Can also drop an Apocalypse Navy Issue BPC. Also dropped IN Heavy Cap Booster and 3% implant. -- 2/1/15

site is EXTREMELY hard. anything cap dependant for modules will die in this site. MWD and AB ships will be capped out almost instantly and die. Diviner is as fast as frigs and will be in range almost instantly.

site escalates... more players in site more NPC's that spawn. same thing with ship size you will see upon entering ships will spawn on overview

expect to spend roughly 1 hr in site if not longer

The last room can be easily done. Destroy the ISHAEKA Monalaz Commander bookmark the wreck and warp off. Then in 2 - 5 minutes warp to the wreck the site would've despawned and you can scoop the loot.


None of the ships encountered in this site have bounties. Instead, they drop officer tags / meta 4 modules which can be traded in to LP stores or sold on the market to NPC buyers. If collected, the total estimated value of tags 58-62 mil.

if salvaged the site can reap up to 220mil in salvage including tags if ran 7 times and reprosess salvage (max skills) you can build the navy apoc with the minerals gained.

--Kumduh 08:46, 10 February 2014 (UTC)

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