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Name Hetu Hegirin
Gender Female
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Mother Luleor Hedaluld
Bistana Hegirin (adoptive)
Date of Birth YC92 05 05
Place of Birth Badbesver, Gelflamis

Gelfiven VIII
Molden Heath
Minmatar Republic

Height 161cm (5'3")
Weight 52kg (114 pounds)
Licensed YC118 05 17
Corporation Otherwhere Circle
Muspell Combine
Education BSc in Energy Engineering
MSc in Heliophysics
Religion Ecstatic Mysticism
Ancestral Veneration
Minmatar republic.jpg
Minmatar Republic
"Hunt. Trade. Build. The artifice of animal urge, ceaselessly distilled. Only in dream do we surpass the material. Dream belongs to no one. "


Hetu aus-Hegirin is a Vherokior capsuleer and industrialist supporting the greater Minmatar Republic. She has been a vocal proponent of the Parliamentary system of governance and of generating increased commerce in the depressed economy of Molden Heath. While her personal industrial operations are quite small, she often remarks on her stringent adherence to local sourcing of materials, production, and Matari labor. She is founding partner of a small Circle which she directs toward this purpose.

Public Record

She is known to operate without any Family or Clan influence, an unusual circumstance among most Matari public figures, due primarily to her low status among other Tribals within Minmatar society. Indeed, many hardline traditionalists do not consider her fully Minmatar, among them her former Clan and Family. Urban Management records indicate that she was released by the Hedaluld Clan into public welfare shortly after her Voluval ritual, and that the greater Hegirin undertook her stewardship via the terms governing Lausa. As an adult who has not undergone the Rite of Naming, she is acknowledged by the foster Clan only as an ancillary member, and must append her use of the Clan name among the Matari in order to maintain decorum.

These same public records indicate that her early upbringing was comfortable, and that she received a well rounded education which was intended to prepare her for leadership among the women of Clan Hedaluld. She was said to display a strong propensity for spiritualism which her elders took steps to encourage. In the months shortly before her Voluval, however, the disposition of the elders soured, with records indicating that the young Hetu would receive no deeper tutelage of the Vherokior shamanic secrets, nor their matriarchs' shrewd mastery of social guiles. The abrupt change meant that she was stricken from her usual social circles, leading to brewing animosity between the youth and the authorities of her Clan. Her immediate Family sought to salvage the situation by enrolling Hetu in community schooling, meaning a more public exposure for her amid the more mundane Vherokior folkways of Fittakan. Her sheltered upbringing, coupled with the rumors surrounding her Voluval, ensured an uncomfortable transition into young adulthood.

It was in YC108 that Urban Management, through public-sponsored examinations administered in Republic-modeled educational institutions, brought to the Hedaluld the distinctive attributes marking Hetu as a capsuleer candidate. However, the Clan forbade the agency from interfering on her behalf, as the 'undeath' of the merged hydrostatic capsule and clone was considered profane to the elders. While many outside the Clan presented the distinction as a tremendous opportunity, the elders were quick to counter with an ultimatum forbidding her from accepting this path, making clear their intent to impose an unsavory consequence beyond the mere risk of death in the transformation to infomorph. In spite of this threat, the young Matari seized the opportunity presented to her by Republic officials, and as a result, Luleor, counselled by Family matriarchs supporting the Hedaluld elders, formally disavowed her blood bond to her daughter. Now without a Family, Hetu was released to the public welfare, semi-officially orphaned, while Urban Management handled her case.

Capsuleer prospects represent a potentially monumental boost to wealth and status, with the ability to change fortunes for many baseline Matari, making them highly regarded by many Clans. An orphaned candidate is an unusual and highly competitive circumstance. However, when the Hegirin member families negotiated their terms to foster this gifted Clanless, Urban Management was forced to make concessions. The Hegirin received a sizable quarterly subsidy for assuming the cost of fosterage, and this would last the duration of Hetu’s education. In exchange, they absorbed their new ward with the understanding that she would one day bring prosperity to her benefactors.

Professional Background

Hetu's primary schooling continued under the guidance of her adoptive Family, and while she was not given the deferential treatment afforded to many budding Matari capsuleer candidates, she was at least treated as "one among equals" by most. She experienced difficulty focusing on her studies, but also exhibited an exceedingly inquisitive nature. She often asked spiraling series of questions in the attempt to probe the materials presented in class, and drew more than her share of consternation from various educators. This transition to the level playing field of public education also introduced Hetu to the small and casual cruelties of young people, who did not let her forget her unpleasant past, typically in the form of concerted exclusion. Nonetheless, she managed handily to score out of secondary school, showing promise in physical sciences.

Leading up to her induction in the capsule pilot program, she enrolled for post-secondary education at Pator Tech School. It was in her undergraduate years here that she would acquire the knowledge to lead large-scale manufacturing projects and refine industrial processes. She pursued multidisciplinary studies related to the engineering applications of physics, chemistry, and mathematics, and developed an interest in photovoltaic systems as well as astrophysics. This interest would take a backseat to the capsule program, which began in earnest after the completion of her undergraduate degree in YC112. From then to YC113 the merchant naval operations and technical grounding proceeded nominally, during which Hetu experienced little difficulty.

The rigors of the physical orientation were an interesting paradox. While Hetu's body did not reject the gradual implantation process, her adjustment to the alterations to sense perception were cited in her file as frequently causing symptoms of mild dementia without any physical indications, as well as apophenia. Conversely, she emerged from extended periods of sensory deprivation with no apparent disorientation, her psychological health screenings noting a resilient will and highly-developed capacity for modal consciousness. Eventually, she acclimated to the neurosensory changes and persisted through the remaining orientation. By YC117, she had completed the capsuleer training, and resolved to remain at PTS to advance her academic knowledge to the graduate level.

Rekindling her prior interests, she sought research time under the institution's astrophysicists, assisting on papers pertaining to plasma physics, solar weather, and photospheric thermodynamics. Her Masters thesis bridged the gap between her practical beginnings and theoretical aspirations in a detailed proposal on the use of Silicon-Germanium polycrystalline structures in solar weather detection grids networked in the Odengsolf constellation, for the purpose of improved automation of InterBus and orbital customs office traffic in the event of severe CMEs. In YC118, she successfully defended her thesis, completing her education with PTS and acquiring her license as an independent capsuleer. While her post-graduate education focused on the physical mechanics of stars and their planetary systems, her recent research projects, conducted largely with Core Complexion, include many Physics sub-disciplines as well as multiple fields of Engineering.

Personality Assessment

Clearance and licensing evaluations are consistent with regard to Hetu's personality. She is independent, self-confident, intensely curious, inquisitive, and eager to acquire understanding through applied reason. Her interests often shift, and her focus frequently gives way to a broader, all-encompassing outlook which is antipodal to her goal-driven attitude. She favors a pattern-seeking approach to problem-solving, and habitually seeks to establish connections between known quantities. Determining causal relationships, for example, is a primary objective, and serves her well in her vocation. This "cosmic" modality extends further into her worldview, informing her perception of her experience as a living being.

Hetu is guarded with her feelings, often compartmentalizing them in order to remain detached and impartial. She values her ability to rationalize objectively, opting to process her emotions in solitude. It is these moments that give rise to her more esoteric introspections, many of which grow into mantras of reinvigoration. For this reason, she cherishes periodic time and space alone, with little interference. In the absence of adequate latitude to decompress, she will typically react with impatience and frustration. She is tolerant of the feelings of others, understanding their passions, but generally engages only on a superficial level. In concert with her commitment to factual inquiry, persons who display genuine honesty are held in high esteem.

Psychometric model: Assertive INTJ

Present Events

According to the RSS public dossier, Hetu maintains excellent standings with the Republic as a result of her continued contribution in security operations against the Angel Cartel. She is also known to make regular custom with agents of Thukker Tribe member corporation Trust Partners, often frequenting their facilities throughout Fittakan. According to SCC and CISC logs, Otherwhere Circle operate industrial parks primarily in Fittakan and Tartatven, with routine travel to Joas, Sveipar, and Inkelm, as well as periodic support of research projects in Thoulde and Algintal. They state no official familial affiliations, and have recently opened up baseliner recruitment to Clans local to Molden Heath.

YC119 Kyonoke Outbreak

In response to the Kyonoke outbreak on the Freedom Extension freight platform at Muttokon II, Otherwhere Circle was one of several parties permitted by the joint response group formed by Mizhara Del'thul to assist at the Containment and Staging citadel constructed by Otsito Mining and Manufacture. With the placement of a small laboratory on board, she assembled a personal library on various biochemical and biomechanical research topics in the hope that the information could be applied to aid whatever survivors were onboard. As the outbreak took root on Oijanen II, an Astral Mining platform in orbit around Postouvin IV, and a Genolution biotech research station orbiting Efu V, the cluster mobilized in order to confront the crisis. Once the Society of Conscious Thought intervened in Postouvin by constructing the H4-RP4 Keepstar and announcing the YC119 Kyonoke Inquest, Hetu duplicated her Muttokon lab in a public Astrahus deployed by FCORD adjacent to the SoCT citadel. While many capsuleers outside prepared numerous contingencies during the weeks prior to and including the official Inquest, eventually the official delegations within the H4-RP4 center were able to ascertain not only the nature of the outbreak, but contributed to the emergency development of a treatment for the pathogen, known as Agent 0410. After the apparent success of the treatment regimen in Postouvin, the quarantine zones elsewhere in the cluster commenced similar plans. Hetu resumed normal business operations, activating sequestered crews and suspended production lines, withdrawing from the FCORD facility and leaving her research library temporarily dormant Muttokon.

After resuming her normal business operations, her attention has apparently turned to the restructuring of Project Discovery and to citizen science. Perhaps in a related development, she has seemingly deferred her involvement with Otherwhere Circle to align with a scientific initiative formed by enigmatic Intaki venturist and billionaire Akash en Chalune.

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