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This article is written from an in-character/roleplay perspective. If you wish to contribute to this page, please refrain from making out-of-character (OOC) references.

Name Gradient
Ticker [GRD]
Alliance Electus Matari
CEO Elsebeth Rhiannon
Founded 105.06.29
Status active
Headquarters Undisclosed
Public Channel Gradient
Website Gradient portal
Alliances Namtz'aar K'in
Former CEOs Kilhu Emmek, Rocius

General information

Gradient (GRD) is an independent elite capsuleer unit affiliated with the Minmatar Republic. We are loyal to the Minmatar Republic and oppose slavery and piracy. Although we are not a military organisation we can and do fight to uphold our ideals and to defend the tribal lands against pirates and usurpers.

Recruitment information

Most of our pilots are either Matari or Gallente, but we also have a few Caldari pilots in our roster. For security reasons, we do not hire pilots trained by Amarr academies. We like our recruits to have some experience about being a pilot, so we'd like possible recruits to have been in space for at least 14 days before applying.

Members of Gradient are free to serve the corp as they wish. There are no compulsory duties, though regular jobs are available for those who want them. We provide friendship and advice to all new pilots. We produce most ships and modules available, which our members can buy at lower rates. Those who contribute to the corp are awarded with a monthly share of the profits.

Please join our public channel 'Gradient' if you'd like to talk more about joining us or for current recruiter information.

((OOC: Gradient is a role playing corporation. Our names, bios and background stories are appropriate to the EVE universe. We would like our members to be ordinary people from the EVE universe, with a story and background to suit. We do not want lost Jovian princes, characters from other fiction, dimensional- or time-travellers (though crazy people who think they are such are welcome to try entry). We respect the prime fiction, as should all our recruits and members.

We expect members to stay in-character in the corp channel and generally act as if they really live in the EVE universe (as opposed to just playing a game). If you want an immersive roleplaying experience, we are the right corporation for you.))


Gradient was founded by Kilhu Emmek in 105.06.29 and thus is one of the oldest corporations that exist in the EVE-universe. From the beginning Gradient was a loyal supporter of the Minmatar Republic. It concentrated its strength in industrial build up of the Republic.

107 the founder and then CEO of the corp Kilhu Emmek (KE) disappeared in the Great Wildlands and left the corp without a leader for some time. The current CEO is Challis Drant.

107.07.25 Gradient and a few other like minded republic supporting corporations founded Electus Matari to strengthen the industrial and paramilitary forces of the Republic. Gradient has been a member of that alliance and others and served in the Minmatar Militia, depending on how the Gradient command estimates the corporation can best serve the Republic.

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